Neighbourhood Watch…

So we have all had a strange neighbour at some stage in our lives. Right?

Well in my street that strange neighbour is me…

At various stages my neighbours have seen me arrive home at 10pm dressed as a Nurse ( It was totally professional! I was a funny nurse at the opening of the new hospital!)

They have seen me dressed as a clown, pirate, fairy, cowgirl, Alice in Wonderland, Katy Perry, an indian squaw, and lately a Frozen princess.

I only have one neighbour that I chat to who actually knows what I do, so to the others… well… I will just keep it interesting for them.

The house across the street does the sneaky look through the curtains. One day I even heard the lady say ‘Look shes dressed up again!’

I do hope that they think to themselves ‘ She must be a kids party host’ and not ‘OMG that chick is crazy weird’.
Actually if they do think the latter that is ok. It would make for some great stories with their friends! Hahahaha!

Which brings me to a moment a few weeks ago.
The house next door was for sale and people were coming to check it out.
I happened to be home prepping my wigs in my spare room for that weekends jobs.

I was brushing and styling a tinkerbell wig, a Katy Perry wig, a Frozen wig and a pink fairy wig.
To me this is just a normal part of life. Line them up and brush and style!
To the guy who saw me through the window of the house he wanted to potentially buy… not so normal.

The moral of this story I think should be – Get to know your neighbours – they could be super fun (just like me) and you could possibly have costumes to borrow for your next dress up party. Or they could just be the crazy wig lady!




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