But Why?

Often people say “Why do you commit to working parties on your days off?” , “Why say yes to so many parties?”, “After working all week in your other job how do you have the energy for kids parties?”

My answer is simple… Because I love it!!!!  When I arrive to a party there is so much excitement. The kids thrive on my energy and we all have fun playing games and singing or dancing. And they say the funniest things!

Actually I must confess that sometimes I actually feel like a minor celebrity! Haha!

Kids have amazing imaginations and it makes life so interesting!

Every job I do I have passion for. And I feel like I am pretty lucky to be invited into all these peoples lives through parties, corporate events and charities even if it is as

a character most of the time.

This photo below sums up the anticipation I am met with most weekends and to me that is pretty damn special! ( Oh and I feel famous. hahahahahaha! #confession)


Published by NattyFaulks

Just a mama who loves to party!

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