Elsa Drives A Holden Ute!

Yesterday I was booked to entertain some gorgeous children for a birthday party at a park.
It was a very public park with lots of people.
The only car park available was right in front of the party –  I was to attend as Elsa ( Frozen queen ) and yes I arrive in full costume.

My Husband borrowed my car which meant I only had his bright red Holden ute to drive to the party.
I am not the best at reverse parallel parks at the best of times… and certainly not in his ute!

So after a million attempts at parking I just put the car in park and looked out to see a huge audience watching my amazing driving skills. ( I was still half out on the road…)
I then got out of the car and everyone cheered!
One child yelled out “OMG mum Elsa drives a ute! And its a Holden!”.

I felt this weird sense of uh oh these people think they have hired a bogan Elsa! I wanted to tell everyone instantly that this is not my car and I am going to be really professional. ( Not that driving a ute means your a bogan but it just looked really weird)

Turns out everyone loved the party and apparently all the adults were super impressed by the red ute.
One dad even filmed it!

Elsa just got cooler.

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Just a mama who loves to party!

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