Cinderella To The Rescue

So it has been a while since I posted.
But the other week something happened and I just had to get back on the blogging wagon!

So here I am with another confession…

It was your average Thursday morning. Ok that is not true because I am fairly sure most peoples Thursdays don’t  roll like this.

I was dressed as Cinderella since 6.30am – wearing a large very puffy blue dress and a blonde wig.
The occasion was a photo shoot for a new collaboration I was very excited about.
So due to the fact I have a normal weekday job, the shoot was early and I was heading to work, still dressed in costume.
I had planned to change into my work uniform in my car once I arrived to work. (This is something I am extremely good at these days – car changes!)

I was just two sets of lights away from work when I noticed a little old lady walking along the foot path at the busy intersection. This set of lights was opposite a school and in front of a group of shops – so lots of people around at 9.00 am.
Just before the ligths changed green I noticed this dear old lady fall face first into the driveway of a building!
I looked around and no one went to her aid. She didnt seem to be getting up.
My heart began to race. Oh my gosh I have to go help her! Someone has to help her!
But my gosh I am dressed in the biggest ball gown. Will she be afraid? What will passers by think? Will they think I am crazy and trying to hurt her?
All these things rushed through my brain but instinct took over.
I mounted the gutted in my Nissan X-trail and drove straight over to her.
I stepped out of my car ( barefoot) and in a sea of blue chiffon I walked up to her and said without really thinking ‘Dont be alarmed. I am Cinderella and I am here to help you. Can I help you get up?’
This beautiful old lady, dressed in a lovely outfit with her pearls and all, looked up and said
‘That is ok darling princess. I am so embarrassed at how clumsy I am but would be so happy if you could help me. I hurt my wrist.’
So she put her arms around my neck and I lifted her up.
Now where to go from here…
‘Where are you headed? Can I help you get there?’ I asked.
‘To that building in front. I have an appointment with the specialist’ , she replied.

As we started the walk ( with people on the street watching) a car pulled in and a lady called out the window, ‘Do you want me to help too? Umm… Natalie?? Is that you???’
I looked up to see one of the partners from my sensible, corporate everyday job, was in fact the person in the car.
This is a person who has no idea I dress up on weekends and as far as they knew I should be at work already. What are the odds!!! Looks like I will have some later explaining to do!
‘All good! I have it covered’ I yelled out.

So, I left my running car half parked on the road and half in a driveaway and helped the fallen lady to the surgery.

Well you should have seen the look on those peoples faces when I opened that door.
With everyone, including the ladies at the counter and one doctor staring at me I said
‘Hi guys. Can someone please assist me? I saw this lovely lady fall and I have helped her. I believe she is a patient?’
No one said anything at first. Then the doctor said ‘Good grief its a fairy!’
That is when I replied with ‘Actually no, I am Cinder….. oh gosh never mind. Yes I am a fairy and I am here to save people.’
Then the doctor walked over and assisted the lady into  chair. No more words were spoken.
I simply walked away.
They will never know the real reason as for why I was dressed up.
They will live in wonder – why was that crazy chick dressed like that?
And something about that is awesome.
I hope that I -the crazy lady dressed as Cinderella on a Thursday morning, gets to be a part of some strangers dinner discussions at least once.

The Cinderella dress!


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