Elsa is having a baby!

elsa 1

No it’s not the story line for Frozen 2 if that’s what your thinking! 

I am super excited to announce / confess to all my costume party bookers that I am having a baby!
This costume character is going to have to hang up the cape and wear normal hair instead of wigs for a while.

Most of you who have recently booked with my business Strawberry Fundaes Childrens Entertainment have been told the news personally and have been very understanding and supportive.

Weird I know that I should say ‘understanding’ but I actually was a bit worried at first to tell you in case you thought I would not be up to scratch with presenting my usual quality party entertainment!
Obviously I have been able to hide the bump until recently, so I have still been performing but now it is time to wrap it up. ( There is only so many cakes Elsa can to pretend to have eaten)
I still have a few parties to go with appropriate ‘bump’ hiding costumes ( thanks to my amazing mum who sews) but very soon I will be completely wrapped up until our little angel is born. Then daddy will take over on some weekends and I will come and hang out again! hahahaha!

But the parties will continue with the amazing group of girls who work with me ( and I am sure you have seen from time to time on my facebook). I am very particular with my Strawberry Fundaes brand and all my girls are highly trained in childrens entertainment and have worked as dancers/ actors/ hosts/ entertainers for years and will continue to roll out fabulous parties for you .

Of course I need to add a confession to this post….
Those times early in the pregnancy when no one knew, there were moments Elsa had to stop on the highway to vomit on her way to a party. Let me tell you passers by were very confused but I always managed to pull myself together ( with the help of ginger beer, water crackers and chewing gum mints) and make every party special.
I am so thankful that I never was actually sick at a party!!!

So there is my latest confession! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Look forward to chatting soon xxxx

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