Well Hello Again!

Hello again everyone!
It has been a while! 2 years in fact!! And for that I am sorry. Mostly sorry to myself because I love to write.

So here I am relaunching my blog Confessions of a Costume Character!

The blog where I share funny adventures about my juggle of working in a corporate world and being paid to also be a costume character on the side ( my calling in life hahaha). The funny stories about when they cross over. The fun and crazy things I witness when I am a costume character and my party tips that I have learnt over the years, working at parties and corporate events.

This plan to ‘return’ to blogging was to also add the exciting element, of the additional role I have taken on ( Well two years ago nearly now! Oops! ) of becoming a mother on top of the rest.
This plan to ‘return’ was to fill my need to write again and share funny stories as I have always done.
My passion for all things party, sharing funny stories, motherhood, being proud of how far I had come in my career and running my business and my excitement for writing would all come together in this one spot.
It was going to be fun and exciting! It was going to be launched in the last week of September and I was super pumped! The only thing is things don’t always go to plan…

Here’s a funny story for you…
You see I kind of feel like my blog is not entirely what I say it is anymore. Because I no longer work in the professional world.
Because I was made redundant the last week of September from my role as a Marketing Manager. It actually happened the day I was to re – launch this blog. ( Cue tears and pity party here).

It was hard to digest at first because I am a hard worker with strong work ethic. I strive to be the best I can for any company I work for. I have only ever been made redundant once, and I had a new job within 48 hours so that doesn’t count ( and at that time in life I didn’t have a family to think about). And the only other time I have taken extended leave was to go on maternity leave to have my little boy Jude ( who is nearly 2) and that was a journey into the unknown. One of the hardest ( yet most rewarding) jobs I have ever taken.
So its safe to say I went into a state of panic. Even though I still can dress up and do parties, this main stream of income was pretty important. It helped to get me to those parties I love to do. ( Oh and pay the bills).

Day 1 – Shock and sadness.
Day 2 – FAAARRRKKKK!!! I have no job.
Day 3 – Browse Seek like its the new Instagram.
Day 4 – I think you get the picture. Rollercoaster of emotions.

Anyway! I thought to myself – Nat you need to still write. You need to share the funny adventures and your experiences and hopefully people will share theirs back. Write because you love it. So here I am. With a slightly different outlook and hopefully I will have another job soon so that my blogs motto of ‘Corporate one day, fairy wings the next’, still comes into play.

So I thought I would take a quick moment to ask… Is there anyone else out there that has had to adjust to the new ‘roles’ and ‘characters’ they play? Any tips to share?
Anyone that went from working as a professional, and having a career, to adjusting to the new identity of becoming a mother (Which I absolutely LOVE and wish I could win the lottery and be there every day for him ), to then  juggle returning to work ( my career that I also love), to feel that no one really wants a part time mum/ part time career woman? That you should choose one or the other?
That sometimes businesses don’t necessarily support those choices ( even though most return to work mums I know work so darn hard because they have to manage their time super strictly.)
How do we create balance and keep our pre baby identities, all whilst helping support our family and being there for the most precious little people in our lives – our kids?
I wish I had the answers… but I don’t … but until I do, I will be right here fiercely loving my family, dressing up as a princess, searching for a job, writing about my adventures and throwing kindness around like its confetti.


Published by NattyFaulks

Just a mama who loves to party!

2 thoughts on “Well Hello Again!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you were made redundant! I’m going through an unexpected “special life event” myself. I was a stay at home mom when my son was little, and although I loved it (and still cherish those memories), if I had it to do over, I’d work. Maybe I’m a bad mom for saying this, but those sweet memories don’t put a dent in all those years of missed pension contributions. Good luck to you. You sound like a strong, capable person. Never forget that although being a mom is an important job, your needs and your future matter, too.


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