How to host a Boho dinner party…

Well we all know I love a party right???
Since my own birthday party recently, I have had quite a few mums email me asking for tips on how to throw a boho style party. So I thought I would share examples from my own birthday party and from some of the other ‘at home’ boho style dinners I have put on for my friends in the last 12 months. ( See images below)

I love creating beautiful moments and collecting props and pretty things. I actually cannot just go on a normal picnic without taking a wooden cheese board or a boho blanket. It is impossible for me to do! I even take plastic crystal glasses and floor rugs camping!
Life is too short to be boring and I think we should enjoy beautiful things. My eyes enjoy it!

My party was hosted with mostly adults in mind, but you can certainly use some of these ideas for a tween or teen party. This party can be set up in your living room or your backyard! Minimal stress and no large outlay required!

Here is my check list for all my ‘must haves’ to throw a boho dinner party.
The first few are ideal and the last couple are optional. I have tried to include where I source things as well, to help you when you are hunting for decorations. But trust me – Most things will already be in your cupboard at home!! ( Or your nanas).

Boho Party Checklist

  • Invite your friends. I love to create invitations and email, print or text to my friends.  I love this site for free templates.
  • Vintage table cloths. Do not feel the need to match! All kinds of lace, crochet and patterned look amazing. ( Look in your local op shop for crochet or lace table cloths. Even old lace curtains do the trick! Otherwise Spotlight sell lace look table cloths brand new.)
  • Wooden cheese boards ( Kmart or Target sell these cheap!!!) Cheese platters are an easy way to wow guests and fill them up. They always look best served on a wooden platter. Add dips and Turkish breads too! Fresh rosemary, strawberries, and edible flowers are a great way to jazz up a platter visually.
  • Candles. Any candles in jars or on their own really add ambience. ( Tea light candles are the best! These can be purchased super cheap at your local supermarket.)
  • Flowers make everything beautiful!!! Pop them in vases, jars, crystal decanters or even old spirit bottles. ( The local florist, flower market or Aldi are my go to. Aldi are super cheap but go the day before because they sell out fast at $4.99 a bunch!)
  • Floor rugs ( Kmart, Target or op shops.)
  • Low table/ coffee table . This sets the ‘casual vibe’. ( I have an old coffee table I use but find one easily on Gumtree. Or wooden pallets work a treat! Free curb – side or on EBay or Gumtree)
  • Pillows and cushions. Once again to add the casual vibe. ( I actually use a mix of large cushions you would use in bed with plain white pillowcases and cushions or covers I have found at Kmart or on Ebay. My palm leaf ones were just $2.99 on Ebay. They were from China though and took 5 weeks to arrive so allow time when buying on Ebay.)
  • Crystal mis-matched glasses. By using real glasses and not plastic, the boho feel really shines through. And wine always tastes better in crystal!!  ( I collected mine from op shops. I got most of them for under $1 each. I also used some of our wedding crystal. Life is not a dress rehearsal! Use your finest now!)
  • Fairy lights. Lighting is EVERYTHING!! But don’t stress if you only use candles. ( Bunnings, Kmart, Target or Ebay.)
  • Champagne buckets ( I got my gold ones from Ikea. They can actually be used as plant pots later. Otherwise Kmart or Bunnings has some champagne buckets on sale now.)
  • Crystal Decanters ( I collected mine from eBay, Op Shops and Gumtree for our wedding and now use whenever I can!)
  • Mismatched vases. These can be used for the flowers. ( I use decanters, old jars or little vases from Ikea.)
  • Anything brass, copper, gold or rose gold always looks beautiful! Check out Ikea, Kmart or your local op shop.
  • Music! This is a must!! ( no need to spend lots of money on buying music. Use Spotify or Apple Music or Youtube! I love Ziggy Alberts, Flume, Chet Faker. But of course everyones music tastes are different so play what you enjoy.
  • Teepee tent – Optional. And for back yard set ups.( I purchased mine from Kmart of course. Alternately if you have a pop up marquee shade tent you can use that and drape it with lace curtains from spotlight or op shops.)
  • Party favours – These are optional ( I use gift bags from Kmart or the brown paper lunch bags from Coles. You can decorate or just fill with yummy treats for a midnight snack.)
  • Added extras – I love to include greenery and pot plants, old suitcases as tables, vintage plates, dream catchers, and serviettes I have cut out of old table cloths. These things are just add ons but super fun all the same!
    Here are some other cool add ons I love!
    Personalised Coconuts ( see images below) – These two companies are fab! Studio T 55  and Kayter Co 
    Little Fairy Floss Favours
    Drink Toppers ( See Images Below) – Kyra Jade Design.
    I love to bring the inside outside so I often use furniture usually seen in my bedroom!


Food and Beverage Ideas

When I throw a party I want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time hanging out with my guests so here are my quick and easy dinner options to serve,

  • Cheese platters filled with fruit, nuts, dips, bread , cheese and crackers. Garnish with Rosemary and edible flowers.)
  • Pre bought BBQ chickens on low heat in the oven. (I buy these from the super market just before the party and keep in the oven until serving.)
  • Pre made salads.
  • Pre made rice that I keep warm or reheat.
  • Curry or Dahl in the slow cooker. ( This can be prepared in advance and then stay in the slow cooker on low heat until serving)
  • Dessert – Macaroons, mini pavlovas, or fruit and chocolate.
  • Champagne on ice or red wine in the decanters.
  • Simple cocktails pre- made in jugs before guests arrive. Then just pour, garnish and serve.
  • A sangria, juice or non alcoholic lemonade / drink in a drink dispenser. Serve in little glass bottles or glasses.


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