Reward Yourself!

Reward yourself people!

Friend – Hey! How have you been?
You – Oh my gosh I have been sooooooo busy!

Sound familiar?
For some reason, we all have this constant ‘busy’ answer.

Maybe you are busy, maybe you feel busy (I mean hello, being a mum, running a business and working is busy right?) but the more we say ‘ I’m so damn busy ‘ the more you will never feel relaxed or free from that vibe.

Recently I was forced to not be as ‘busy’ after being made redundant from my role in Marketing (see previous blog post). This made me have no choice but to re- evaluate many things in life. Did I love that job? Did I love the madness of juggling so many things? Should I just focus on one job full time and no longer run a business where I dress up as a costume character (umm… as if! I love that!). Should I just be a full – time mum? But how will we pay the bills? What will people think?

Here is the answer – Who cares what people think. The most important thing to do is what’s right for you and your situation.

So, after lots of reflection and goal setting, I realised what I needed to do was something that was right for me and my family at this very point in time. What that is could change in a few years, who knows! But right now, in this very moment the right thing to do was to search for part time work that supported working mums, focus on my family and still enjoy dressing up as a costume character for my business.
I also made a very conscious decision to focus more on my health and well – being.
I don’t mean going on a fad diet and meditating daily (nothing against that, but for me that would last 2 weeks max). I mean, choosing to eat more delicious healthy foods instead of processed food, choosing to do things I enjoy (Kind of like hobbies but my ‘hobbies’ are usually quite simple, not like the sporting kind. They can range anywhere from going for a walk along the beach to drinking wine and bargain shopping on Gumtree).

Rewarding yourself …

If you reward yourself, it can help you to set and achieve goals. It helps you to recharge and focus. Rewarding yourself keeps you motivated and it makes you feel good! Your brain and mind will be happy and you kind of reset yourself to be ready to go again.
Your rewards don’t need to be extravagant or expensive, they can be as simple as reading a book or magazine in peace for 10 mins, having a bath, eating a special treat or enjoying time out in the sunshine. Rewards are things that make you happy! Maybe it’s a wash and blow dry or a coffee at a special café. The opportunities are endless.

I chose to treat myself to a spa treatment last week (a reward on the more extravagant side but hey I bloody deserved it. See images below) I went with my friend who is a fellow costume character (what else do princesses and fairies do on their days off hey? Lol!) and it was amazing!!! We went to spaQ which is on the Gold Coast at the QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise and it was just beautiful from the moment we walked in (spa smells, relaxing music, but not the daggy kind) to the cool robes we got to wear before and after our treatments, to the absolutely beautiful treatment, to the herbal tea we sipped in the relaxation room! Oh and did I mention there is a Turkish Hammam steam room? AMAZING!!!
The outcome was a happy, recharged, positive Nat. I had a child free day, which is sometimes nice to be with your own thoughts and I was treated like a bloody queen at spaQ. Best decision ever!!

Whether you are a mum, dad, single, married, divorced, retired, male or female, it does not matter. You are a human being and if you don’t stop to refresh those batteries and take time out, you will burn out.

We only have one life to live, so make it a happy one.

So, to reward you all for being so amazing at what you do and achieve in life, I have a special offer for you to REWARD YOURSELF at spaQ at QT Gold Coast Hotels.
(sorry if you live interstate! This one is for Gold Coast locals.)

Call spaQ on (07)55 841108 or email
and quote “Nats Neighbour” to receive Neighbourly Love discounts and VIP treatment including:

  • 20% off all spaQ treatments*
  • 10% off Uspa products ( these are sooooooo good!)
  • Complimentary use of the Hammam steam room prior to your treatment and access to the hotel’s resort-styled swimming pool area before or after
  • Complimentary hotel parking
  • PLUS you’ll also receivea glass of bubbly post treatment – cause hell, you deserve it!

*You will need to show a proof of postcode when you arrive for your appointment. This special deal is available Mon – Thu (excluding public holidays) on treatments one hour or longer.

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