Identity Crisis

So I have another confession…

Sometimes I dress up as a fairy or a character and entertain people.
Sometimes I dress fancy and mingle as me.

Last week I was the fancy and mingley type( not a word I know, but just deal with it).
I was invited as a guest to enjoy a special event and socialise in my capacity as a corporate lady.
Sometimes I get confused…

You see, when I am dressed as a character, it is my job to be confident and enter a room and make a point of talking to strangers. Sometimes it requires putting on a fake accent and talking about my fake life ( like how my sister Anna lives in Arandale with our snowman friend or how I had an affair with JFK and love diamonds).
Sometimes it requires me to laugh at peoples silly (crap) jokes and smile for photos with them like we are old mates.
I often deal with sexist comments or offers of phone numbers so we can hang out later
(ummm as if mate!). Side note – That part happens at corporate events, not kids parties. Just to be clear.
Basically, being a character is all round quite colourful ( but I absolutely love it!). Which is why I can sometimes get confused when I just have to be me.
For example…

Last week when I arrived at the event, I was wearing a nice dress and heels and had done my hair and make up ( in about ten minutes, because hello mum life with a toddler lol!) All the same preparation as one does when prepping to be a character.
I walked the red carpet with the other guests, but kept saying ‘Hi!’ and ‘How are you?’ to people I didn’t know ( they were like what the?). I posed for photos and wandered the room. And its not the first time.

Like the time I finished a kids party and changed into normal clothes ( but still had my heavy over the top princess make up on) and dashed into Coles to grab some groceries.
I got to the milk section and asked a couple of kids ‘How are you?’ and ‘What’s your name?’ and their parents looked at me like WTF? Back off lady! Then I quickly realised to them I am just a weird lady at Coles with over the top make up… Not the party princess I was playing 15 mins earlier.

Or the times I have hurried to get food after a job because I am starving, but still dressed as Snow White. Make a quick drive through stop at McDonalds and think, ‘Why are the teenage staff giggling?’ only to remember I am still in costume.
As you can see, it can be quite the challenge.

So I apologise to anyone who thought, do I know that chick? The answer is, you probably don’t!

: )

Keep smiling! xx

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Just a mama who loves to party!

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