5 Easy Party Backdrops for the Perfect Party Photo

Well it’s no secret that I love a good backdrop or feature wall. They make for a great photo opportunity to have a keepsake memory of that particular event. It makes things so much more interesting rather than standing in front of a boring white wall right? (Well I think so!) And they don’t have to be expensive.

Check out my 5 favourite party back drop ideas that you can use for your next birthday party, hens party, baby shower, engagement party, Christmas party or even a New Years Eve party! ( or if you are like me you might just throw a party for the hell of it!).
They can be as easy ( cheap) or as extravagant ( expensive) as you like and are totally Insta worthy!

Feature wall #1
The Balloon backdrop
Now this is one of my faves. Because it is super cheap but yet really effective. ( and kids LOVE them)
I used a black balloon party backdrop for my little boys 2nd birthday recently. It cost me $2.50. Yep thats right! 1 pack of 24 Black balloons from the cheap shop ( or Kmart). I have a balloon pump like this one ( which I recommend) and I just manually pumped them all and stuck them to the wall with masking tape. Simple yet effective see-


Or you can lash out and grab some fancier balloons and create cool balloon back drops like the super talented Oh Happy Day has done here ( check out her website. She is amazing!)


I also love this colourful balloon wall from You are My Fave


And this one from Brit.co  (so gorgeous for a baby shower or bridal shower)


Feature wall #2
The Flower Wall
The Flower wall is romantic and  pretty. It can be simple or extravagant. You can use fake flower or real ones and it makes for a great back drop for girls birthday parties, hens parties, baby showers and high teas.

I am also in LOVE with this cute floral feature form A Pair and A Spare. Very Boho!


Feature wall #3
Paper Pom Poms
This feature is super lush and colourful and you can either make the pom poms yourself out of tissue paper, or buy them for around $2-$6 each at your local bargain shop, Big – W, Kmart or online. I love this created by Margot Madison 


Or this one is really cute I came across on Pinterest


Feature wall #4
Streamers can be really effective! They can be tied between two trees for an outdoor party or stuck across walls or doorways. You can use paper streamers, shiny glittery streamers or even material ones to add that touch of whimsical vibe.This one from Francescas Collections has a definite summer soiree vibe!d0e52c08086f6524dea613ee140cc6cb.jpgAnd this one I found on Pinterest recently for a unicorn party is really easy but makes a great backdrop for your little ones party memories!d033a9eeb885509ee93812aeed3a35ff.jpg
Feature wall #5
Wrapping Paper Feature
I just love the wall art you can create with wrapping paper! I mean there are literally millions of wrapping paper designs! So you can be as quirky or colourful as you like!


This wrapping paper feature is SUPER cool from Design Sponge. So sophisticated!!
It would look great at a dinner party, house warming, engagement party or a teenage girls birthday!2fb338e448d583755418b697f3e26dd3.jpg

So as you can see, it is so easy to create a party backdrop feature, that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, yet is still really effective. Try one at your next party or event and see how much everyone loves it!
Happy party planning!

xxx Nat
TMS_by Always & Forever Styling_ (85)
Photo credit – Always and Forever Styling

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