Kids Party Emergency Kit

Parties are all about having fun right?
Absolutely! Everything is roses and nothing ever goes wrong! Like EVER…
If only….

Kids are always unpredictable and from my personal experience, attending literally hundreds of parties, I recommend the following items listed below to have on hand for just in case.
I have seen all sorts from bleeding fingers, to bumps on the head, ant bites to vomiting from over eating! Seriously!

But of course this blog post is not to alarm you, or make you rethink that party, this is just to better equip you for the ‘just in case.’
More often than not, you will not have any miss haps or need to use any of the following.
If your party is in the park packing this kit or some of these items are a good precaution so you can continue to party like a pineapple!!

  • Bandaids – Lets face it. The most minor graze can be fixed in an instant and stop the tears with a bandaid!
  • Bottles of fresh water – For the obvious really. Hydration and rinsing any cuts if needed.
  • Wet Wipes – Cleaning up spills.
  • Paper Towel – Drying up spills.
  • Garbage bags – For mess overload!
  • Ice or frozen peas – Pop Ice in the paper towel or plastic bag and use on any bumps or bruising.
  • Sick bags  – ( or use the garbage bags) for anyone that feels nauseous.
  • Mozzie spray – No one wants their party interrupted by mozzies!
  • Sting spray or paw paw cream – For bites or stings. Parks and beaches have naughty ants, bees and sometimes bluebottles. This will take the sting away.
  • Jelly Beans –  ( for those who feel dizzy or low)
  • Berocca –  ( for mum and dad to have before the party)
  • Champagne –  ( for mum and dad after the party.

I hope you enjoyed todays party tip!
Keep smiling and party on!

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Just a mama who loves to party!

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