Party Favour with all the flavour!

Something I LOVE about hosting a party is giving little gifts to my guests to take home.
I actually do it even if I am hosting a small dinner party!
Crazy I know, but so much fun. I have been known to package up little cakes or give everyone a candle, or a flower or even little party bags.
There are so many ideas for party favours out there which I will elaborate on soon, but in the meantime I discovered something SUPER COOL that I just HAD to share with you…

Let me introduce you to to a Gold Coast based company called Just Dough It
I am talking hand crafted cookie dough people!!!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!
They are a dessert company that sells ready to eat cookie dough ( drool).
Their cookie dough does not contain eggs ( Winning! Because hello preggo) and they heat treat the flour so that the cookie dough can be eaten straight from the bowl!!!
I repeat – Eaten straight from the bowl!!!!

Firstly, that is absolute music to my pregnant ears and cravings, but secondly, how amazing and different is that for a party favour at your next kids party, house party or event?
They have an online store that you can purchase the delicious goodies from and have delivered to your door. They also have a tricycle that you can hire for birthday parties and private functions that can be customised for each event. Super cool!!
Their product range also includes cookie dough ice cream and DIY packet mix where they have done the hard work for you, all you have to do is add butter!

What is even cooler is the Just Dough It tribe are offering my Confessions party lovers a special discount for the next week so get in quick!

To receive 15% off orders over $30, simply enter FUNDAES06 at their check out when placing an order. (Click here to see their website)
Just don’t blame me when you become addicted ( or when your friends vote you the best party host ever).

Happy indulging!


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