How to throw a luxury kids party! (Guest blog feature with Decinda from Sugar and Spice Events)

We all love our kids no matter what the party size or cost.
But as a part of my job with Strawberry Fundaes Kids Parties, I have been lucky enough to be a part of some pretty amazing luxury parties. Thats right – I am talking Kardashian style, fancy pants kids parties with drool worthy EVERYTHING.
My friends always ask me to tell them more about what it was like, so I decided to share some of the magic I have witnessed first hand.
Luxury parties are not just for celebrities. I have attended parties that have little bits of luxury here and there for something special, to those that have complete luxe with celebrity appearances and all!

For example, one party I attended had a beautiful Aussie celebrity singer perform a set of the Childs favourite songs! ( Epic!)

Another party was held at their house but had an actual sushi train set up out the back with a sushi chef! ( Yum!)

There was one that had a 7 tiered cake and all the guests took home gift bags filled with Peter Alexander Pjs instead of lollies. ( I totally wanted one)

There have been gift tables with decadent presents from Tiffany and Co and BVLGARI, guarded by security, to carousels, real ponies, and festivals.
When it comes to parties the possibilities really are endless.

And who better to interview on the topic –  the amazing Decinda MacDonald, Creative Director from Sugar and Spice Events, who is one of Australias best event planners and leading master minds behind loads of these luxury kids parties ( as well as all the other beautiful events she creates.)
Q & A With Nat and Decinda
N – What kinds of luxe kids parties do you plan or have planned previously?
D – We have had so many opportunities to create some amazing parties!  I love it so much because the themes are always so varied, and our clients give me the opportunity to flex my creative muscle in fun new ways.  
From Carousel to Farmyard, Mermaid to Unicorn, Ballerina and just today – Construction!
N – What are your favourite themes to create or your favourites you have created?
D – I love fairytales…so anything whimsical with a touch of make believe is my favourite.  I think secret garden would be my favourite of all time, because I just lose myself in the magic of it all.  Fairies and toadstools and pretty flowing fabrics…there is something so exquisite about a garden party.  
N – How many Luxe parties would you plan a year?
D – I guess it depends on your definition of luxe….I think all of our parties fall into that category though!  I would think around 20 on average.  
N– What would be the min spend to classify as a luxe party?
D -Good question!  I think that all parties can have luxe elements, like a jaw dropping lolly or dessert station or an exquisitely detailed party table, or amazing how-do-they-dothan organic balloon installations…which are so on trend.  We have worked with budgets from $1,500.00 – $30,000.00 for children’s parties, and no matter what the budget is we always inject a little LUXE into as many areas as possible.
N – Can you share what the most expensive kids party has been?
D – $30K was the most….so far =)
N– How are these kids being lavished? is it just over the top decorations or is it crazy entertainment, activities, party bags, food, experiences?
D – Yeah, it’s everything. Having a big budget means that you can make every single area OTT.  A backyard becomes a ballroom, a take home lolly bag becomes a life-sized remote control car, a few bunches of balloons become a whole room made out of over 7000…. party ware on tables is designed, not bought from the shop.  
 Pretty amazing huh!

Did you know that Beyonce spent a reported $200K on Blue Ivys first birthday?
Or that Suri Cruises second birthday had a cake worth over $5K alone and over $17K on fresh flowers?
DJ Khaled chose a jungle theme lavish baby rager for his sons first birthday and it was held at Miamis hottest night club. There were real life tigers and it was hosted by by Sean “Diddy” Combs. WOWSERS!!!!
So there you have it folks! How to throw a luxury party!

All parties are amazing no matter what the budget. Our kids love everything we do for them. I hope you have enjoyed!
And remember if you want to throw a luxury party, Decinda is your gal. Check out some of the amazingness below or visit her website –

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