Why I dressed up as a princess until 33 weeks pregnant…

I know what you are thinking…
a) She must be crazy.
b) She would have looked ridiculous dressed as a princess at 33 weeks pregnant!
Well calm your farm people… there is more to the story.

It is no secret, I love what I do. I can be corporate Nat by day and princess/ character Nat on the weekend. My hobbies are my passions and I get paid to do what I love.

I chose to take on this crazy character / corporate life and to achieve my goals ( just like everyone else does to strive to live the life they love) And I need to still make money and pay the bills right?
I also built this character life business from scratch and have worked damn hard to build it to the reputation I am proud of. So yes, sometimes I would worry that all my hard work would fall away if I took time out too soon.

It has certainly been physically exhausting at times and I definitely worked those kegal muscles while needing to pee during many a face painting session. But, I figured if old mate Serena Williams can win a grand slam while 20 weeks pregnant, I can damn well host a party as a mermaid at 33 weeks!

This pregnancy ( this is baby number 2) I suffered horrible nausea until 22 weeks pregnant and was on prescribed medication just so I could actually eat and function like a normal human, so there have been some pretty hairy party moments when it has come to entertaining at parties.
Like in the early days of pregnancy, after a particular party, the party mum was chatting away to me when I was ready to dash out the door to the safety of my car. She had no idea I was pregnant of course and I was trying so hard to hold a spew in my mouth and nodded fast and rudely to all her chit chat to try brush her off so I could get out of there!
When I did finally escape, I ran across the road to my car and proceeded to spew next to the front tyre… ( dressed as Moana). I never looked back and have never actually spoke to her about it. So if you are reading, I am so sorry if you thought I was hung over, rude or otherwise. Just preggo.

When I started to show a belly ( which lets face it was pretty early… like 9 weeks!) I would tell the parents when they were booking that I was pregnant so they had the chance to hire one of my other beautiful girls who work casually for me, or just deal with the fact Elsa has a pudgy belly. No one ever cared! DID YOU HEAR – NO ONE CARED!!!!
Is it weird that I was surprised???
Like not once did a parent say – no thanks, no preggo princesses here thanks.
It was very refreshing.

Why is that refreshing you ask? Because in the corporate world, things can play out very differently when you announce your pregnancy.
Not now in my current corporate job ( because they rock and totally champion the world of the working mumma) but in previous work places.

I know of various unfavourable treatments including dismissal, denial of promotion and some women I worked with in the past were put on 6 monthly contracts when they returned from their first maternity leave, due to the employer fearing they would have baby number two soon after! Its awful!
There is this stigma of ones ability to meet deadlines, or to have co workers start using the term ‘baby brain’ or say ‘oh gosh she’s probably at another baby appointment’.

Occasionally I have had people say to me ‘So do the kids think you look funny as a pregnant fairy/ princess?’
The answer is no.
In fact, my mum is so good at making puffy princess costumes, that you couldn’t even tell I had a bump ( see pics below) Cheers for that mum!
Also I am a professional and wasn’t going to show up looking ridiculous. Right!?

So, in summary, I dressed up until 33 weeks pregnant because I either work at a desk, or I can hide my bump under a puffy gown and get paid to do more of what I love. I am capable and hard working and want the best for my family.
Being pregnant is cool, not a disease.
There are hairdressers, nurses, female miners, council workers, landscapers etc that are on their feet all day long while pregnant. They work longer hours than this chubby princess, so if everyone was happy for me to bring the magic and party fun to their little ones parties, I was willing and ready.

But now its time to hang up those wings and glass slippers until this baby arrives. Yay!!
I will be back and ready to party again soon ( but not too soon because I want to squish this new bubba as much as possible and not leak breast milk all over my costumes).
And I hope that by reading this, we can try to break some of the stigma that being pregnant means you suddenly can’t do your job or that you should stop work and feel guilty ( depending on your circumstances and health of course) And if you do have to stop, don’t beat yourself up either. Do whats right for you.

Shout out to all the mums doing what they do, juggling the shit out of life. You rock.



15 weeks pregnant
18 weeks pregnant
18 weeks ( and I promise I never went to a party dressed like this. I just wanted to show the difference in costumes)
18 weeks pregnant
25 weeks pregnant
22 weeks pregnant. The puffy skirt and the belt detract from the tummy.
28 weeks pregnant! Puffy skirt hiding the bump!
33 weeks pregnant! The last dress up! ( looking a little chubby here! But the dress hides a lot!)


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3 thoughts on “Why I dressed up as a princess until 33 weeks pregnant…

  1. Your amazing at what you do Nat!!! There is simply no one better because you can honestly tell you love what you do… time for this Princess to have her princess, can’t wait to met her.


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