Trick or Treat! Halloween treat ideas!

We love Halloween at our house.
Our entire street gets into it and we all get excited to see what each other is going to dress up as. It is so much fun!

My husband and I actually used to dress up and go trick or treating with our friends kids, before we had our own! Pretty funny but true!
I think its interesting considering we were not allowed to go trick or treating as kids.
We both grew up in small towns and it wasn’t really a thing. I think these days our society is so much more multi cultural so it has become much more popular.

Every year we pop on our costumes and head out for some early trick or treating with Jude ( our little boy) and then we are home by 6pm so he can have some actual dinner and not just treats.
We then get lots of door knockers, so we always make sure we have treats ready to go.
I try to mix it up in regards to what treats I hand out, because lots of kids start eating their collection of goodies as they head from house to house.
So this year, I have teamed up with Cobs Popcorn to hand out their multi packs.
They are a healthy treat option and let me tell you – the cheese popcorn flavour is my FAVOURITE!!!! ( And Judes too. I had to fight him for a bag last week.)
Grab some at your local supermarket. ( they are really awesome for kids lunch boxes and party snack too!)


Other treat inspiration that I am totally loving right now

The Ghost Hi Hat Cone
Go and check out Cindy Rahe. She is amazing!
Here is the link to create this fun recipe 

Halloween Pretzels
these are a super easy treat to make with the kids!
Check out the recipe here thanks to Garnish and Glaze.


Personalised Treats
I love to personalise treats too! Even if its creating brown paper bags filled with goodies and a personalised sticker on the outside.
Check out the amazing range of personalised party products from Print and Party!


Happy Halloween Party Lovers!


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