How to create the perfect Game Of Thrones dinner party

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones.
I never thought I would get into such a show, because I just don’t really dig fantasy (unless it’s Disney or romance hahahaha) but just like the rest of the world, once I watched it I got hooked. So its safe to say that I am SO excited to see the final season!

Over the past few years, I have often hosted a viewing dinner, that our neighbours and or close friends come over to enjoy while we watch. I like to make it fun and slightly themed. I decorate and use props that I have collected and cook yummy food and it is FUN!
I used to get asked all the time to share what I do so I thought I better get sharing seems its the final season!

My secret ingredient to a classy ( not cheesy or gory) Game of Thrones dinner is …
A few op shop visits! Yep the best props come from op shops!
My whole set up of decorations cost $64.
I use these props for many other occasions too! (Christmas, Birthdays, picnics etc)

So… without further ado… here we go…

To throw a successful GOT dinner party you need to set the scene.

  • Moody dark tones
  • Lights off and candles only. Lots of candles. And fairy likes if you please.
  • Scented candles.
  • It is a feast so do not feel like you have to have lots of table settings. It can all be served in the middle of the table and that adds character too.

These props are my staples.
I have collected them from op shops, garage sales and gumtree.
There are also some items from Kmart and the local $2 shop.
(Some of this props were collected for our wedding and I have held onto them for dinner parties.)
Hessian Table runner ( I got mine from an events company destash sale but try Spotlight)
Wooden boards ( Kmart)
Silver platters ( Op Shop $5)
Silver wine goblets ( Op Shop $3 per cup)
Rose Gold Charger Plate ( Kmart)
Gold Cutlery ( Kmart)
Antique candelabra ( family heirloom)
Rose Gold cup/ goblet ( Kmart)
Crystal decanters ( Gumtree $15)
Candles ( Coles)
Assorted fruit and berries ( Coles)
Ivy Leaves ( Stacks $2) ( You could easily just cut bits off trees to line the table too)
Battery powered Fairy lights ( Kmart)

This is the menu I created so you can print at home and use for your own party! – GAME OF THRONES MENU Final

To Start –
I always love to create a cheese board and then follow up with a medieval inspired roast and potatoes.
Serve your cheese on wooden boards and add textures and colour with rustic breads, dark grapes, apples, pears or figs. I like to garnish with rosemary or sage. This is a super cheap way to present your cheese board beautifully.

To Drink –
Dragons Blood of course! (decanter red wine)

Mains –
For my roast and potatoes ( add carrots and pumpkin too if you like) I simply cover in olive oil, season with salt and pepper and a bit of balsamic and lemon on the chicken.
I put them in seperate baking trays and pop in the oven for a min of an hour.
Feel free to add dried herbs as well.
Serve with steamed greens. Or in this menu I have used snow peas ( because John Snow… get it ! LOL!)

Sweets –
And for dessert is my White walker Cheese Cake.
It is pretty complicated this recipe….
Here is my hack. Buy a frozen cheese cake and garnish with fruit or flowers. SIMPLE!!

So as you can see it is easy, fun and impressive!
I hope you have fun with it and throw your own Game of Thrones viewing party before the season ends.
Thank you so much for reading!
Fonas Chek xx

lots of candles for mood
roast chicken
Roast potatoes

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