Lola Turns One

Everyone says time flies when you have a baby and that they grow up so fast, but I really feel like its faster with your second because life is just so much busier with more than one child!
I am actually in disbelief that little Lola is now one. My little baby is a toddler!!!! ( insert tears).

Anyway… being true to the party lover that I am, I had to make sure we celebrated her milestone and make it memorable. We did a big party for her brother, and I am always conscious that I don’t fall into the second child trap ( you know, the one where they get less or things get forgotten? hahahaha)

So… I have to say that creating a girly party for my daughter was seriously fun. I am such a girly girl, so there was always going to be lots of pink.

Not everyone can afford a stylist to come in and decorate and cater, so I hope that by sharing my tips, you can see that it is fun to DIY your party!

The key points I like to focus on to create a successful party are-
* Great food
* A good back drop or decorations for photos (It can just be one area or wall. Photos are memories!)
* A great cake
* Some entertainment for the kids

So with those points to focus on this is what I created for Lolas Unicorn themed party…


The Invitations
For Lolas birthday invitations, I decided to go paperless and created an e- invite as well as use that same invite in a private Facebook invitation that went out to family and close friends.
The theme was Unicorn and an example of her invite is below.
I created it for free at Greetings Island. I think in total it took me 14 mins to search for the theme I wanted, modify and save it to use. Winning!! #stressfree

The Decorations
I love to support other women in business, and I absolutely love everything Roxanne from Lovely Occasions has in her store!
I gathered plates, party hats, serviettes and balloons from her beautiful shop ( everything is sold online too). I chose colours instead of things with unicorns on them. I just think it blends nicely!
Now a party isn’t really a party without balloons right? So I grabbed 2 balloon garland kits and created my own balloon garlands. Now let me tell you these really made a statement! They look impressive and make a great backdrop for photos. This is seriously a must have now for every party I ever throw moving forward. hahahaha!
I have added a tutorial to my Instagram TV so you can also jump on the DIY balloon garland wagon with me.
Another tip is I used plastic $2 table cloths draped for a coloured background behind the balloons.

The other statement piece for my party decor, was the Lola laser cut sign from XOXO Design. What I love about this is the fact it not only looked amazing as a backdrop piece, but it can also be used as a door sign or artwork on her wall in her bedroom.
I also had a mini Lola laser cut for the cake. This also can be used year on year because I didn’t get a number on it, just her name. It was such great quality. I highly recommend XOXO Design.

The Food
Pretty sure I bang on in every other blog post enough for you to know I don’t like food wastage. I also like to socialise so this year I opted for the pre made table platter with cheeses and dips and fruit, doughnuts, and all the pink lollies ( which my lovely friend Kerry helped with putting together). Tip – Platters look great when you add fruits and colour.
I then ordered in some pizzas for everyone to snack on too about an hour into the party.

The Cake
Once again my cake expectations are exceeded, by my friend Deni from Deni Bakes
I am an average cake maker so I like to outsource those skills every time!

The Entertainment
Obviously, working in the children’s entertainment industry, this was always going to be a priority. Most years I hire my own girls to do face painting and balloons, but this year I felt like trying something different and hired the lovely Fiona and Daisy from Party Ponies 2 U.
I was… ahem I mean… The kids were SO excited when she walked in with a real life unicorn!! For 1 hour they took turns riding her around the yard. I also had a teepee set up with colouring in and toys for the kids to play with as well.

Party Outfits
My mum is very clever and created Lola a unicorn dress and a ballerina tutu with a tiara. We couldn’t decide which one we liked best so she wore one and then had an outfit change. We are so OTT right!? Hahaha!
I usually wear costumes at parties, so I wanted to look nice but not dress up.
But I still needed something that had that Nat party vibe.
So there was only one place to go and that was Little Party Dress!!!
The tutu skirt is serious so comfortable and I actually want to wear it all the time.
They have such nice flattering clothes! Jump online and take a look here!!
(Please note I had to change my top half way through due to kids spillage!)

The Party Favours
I just created traditional party bags with lollies and some unicorn rings and bracelets I found at Kmart. The bags cost a total of $4.50 per child

So that is Lola’s party in a nutshell! It was big and it was fun but it is totally achievable and doesn’t require a whole outsourced team!

Connect with My favourite suppliers
Decorations – Lovely Occasions

Balloon Garlands – Lovely Occasions

Lola Laser sign – Xoxo Design

Lola cake topper – Xoxo Design

Invitations – Greetings Island

Cake – Deni Bakes 

Party Outfit – Little Party Dress

Happy partying!


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