Non alcoholic drink ideas for the festive season

This time of year is filled with celebration. Lots of food and drink will be consumed, and fun will be had but you don’t necessarily have to get drunk right!?
I feel like there are mostly very boring options if you are the designated driver, pregnant, breast feeding, or not drinking alcohol for 101 other reasons.

Until now!
Let me introduce to you the most beautiful non alcoholic drinks from Osun Sparkling and Monday Distillery

I love these drinks for something nice to serve to my non boozey guests and they also make really beautiful gifts too! Especially for mothers to be.

They are sugar free, botanically infused and positively charged. Not to mention they are filled with antioxidants and taste delicious!

The non alcoholic gin actually tastes like you are sipping a gin! And its great to know you won’t wake up with a hangover. Oh and the actual bottles themselves look cool so even though this might sound weird to say, it actually feels nice to be sipping it in a social situation rather than an ugly plastic lemonade bottle ( which is filled with sugar and crap anyway. Don’t bother with ya lemonade!!)

I have created some fun non alcoholic cocktail options as well to serve up these pretties and bring on the party!
I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Rose Water Mocktail Mix
1x Osun Sparkling Rose Water
1 x tablespoon strawberry vanilla syrup
( To create this syrup, boil a punnet of strawberries on the stove with a cup of water, a dash of vanilla essence and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Once it comes to the boil let simmer for 5 mins on low. Then strain into a container and refrigerate)
Add ice and decorate with rose petals


Blueberry Lavender Water Mocktail
1 x Osun Sparkling Lavender Water
1 tablespoon Blueberry vanilla syrup ( Made the same as above strawberry recipe)
Add ice and decorate with blue berries


Orange and Cinnamon Spiced G & T
1 x Monday Distillery Spiced Gin and Tonic
Slice of cinnamon and sugar infused oranges ( to make the oranges slice and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Put on baking paper and oven bake on low for 2 hrs. Make sure the oven is not hotter than 90 degrees. You can make these in advance.)
Can serve with ice as well

Lemon and Rosemary G & T
1 x Monday Distillery Gin and Tonic Classic
Slice of lemon
Sprig of rosemary
Can serve over ice

I hope you enjoy your beautiful sips!

Happy holidays!

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