7 Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day Without Booking a Babysitter

When I was single I would cringe at the thought of Valentines Day. All the gushy romantic happenings around me while I just pretended I wasn’t phased ( But really I was devo and hoping for an anonymous bunch of roses, because I am a hopeless romantic who watches too much Disney).

Then I moved into the lets celebrate with my girlfriends phase and did the typical ‘Sex and The City’ Gold Class movie nights, fancy dinners and head out dancing etc.
Then of course I joined the romance club and did the usual cliche Valentines Day stuff – dinner, roses, chocolates, perfume, romantic getaways.You know, all that kind of jazz!
Then I had babies…
With no family close by, most date nights can be quite expensive hiring babysitters, but I wasn’t just going to pretend it was another day… because thats not me… I love, Love and all things pretty…

So here are my 7 ways to celebrate Valentines Day when you have kids:
(You could also do this any other day of the year too, because romance shouldn’t be restricted to just one day right?)

  • DIY Wine Tasting with cheese platter at home – Yep you heard me! Go grab a few different bottles in different varieties, make a cheese platter and when the kids go to bed, do your own tasting and enjoy the platter. Make it extra fun and hide the labels from each other so you have to try guess what it is!
  • Put music on and dance after dinner – This can be with or without the kids. But the idea is to laugh together and get lost in the moment of feeling free and happy.
  • Sunset Picnic – Have a picnic with the family either at the park or at home. It could be a lounge room picnic or even in the backyard! Read more about my picnic tips here
  • Light candles and have a special dessert – After the kids go to bed, sit down by candle light and enjoy a delicious dessert together. No phones or tv distractions. But I will allow music lol!
  • Home Cinema – Pick a movie, make some popcorn, pour a drink and snuggle up for a night at the lounge room cinema! But yes, you are a parent so be prepared for possible interruptions depending on said child’s age Hahaha!
  • Write a love letter to each other – It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare guys. Just write a letter to each other stating things you love about the other person. Read them out and have fun with it. Kindness is fun.
  • Bubble bath – Make a bubble bath and have it all nice for the other person with a cup of tea /wine/beer and some nice music.Heck, even throw in some candles for mood lighting! Then once they are in the bath, keep all kids away from ruining the zen. They will love you for it.

These little gestures or activities are all simple and all very budget friendly. Why? Because love doesn’t have to be about extravagant gifts, its the small actions and thoughtful, caring moments that mean the most.

Happy Love Day xxxx

Photo by TerriC

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