7 Ways to upgrade your party to FANCY!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Even though this year has been a bit different, finally things are returning to some kind of normal and we can socialise again in time for Christmas!
So… why not make is FANCY!!!
Here are my 7 tips to add a bit of sparkle and fabulous to the everyday dinner party.

1 – Garnish – Yep you heard me! Garnish your platters and meals with herbs, dehydrated fruits and flowers to make them stand out and feel a little more fancy. Rosemary is a great herb to garnish with, along with roses, edible flowers and babies breath!

2 – Bake your cheese – Pop your camembert or brie onto a baking tray with baking paper, and top with salt and pepper, honey and rosemary. Bake until it bubbles and serve with crackers. Your friends will be IMPRESSED!

3 – Gold Leaf Champagne – Your so golden… Grab some edible gold leaf paper from the cake shop ( Woolworths cake section has it too!) and take some tiny pieces and add to your glass and then top with champagne. Use tweezers though as it is very fragile!

4 – Floral Ice Cubes – Add some edible florals ( dried or fresh) and pop them into ice cube trays with water and freeze. They look so pretty in cocktails or wine or even soft drink! I grow my own edible flowers and you can buy pretty dried edible flowers online.

5 – Kill the lights – Mood lighting is key! Turn those lights off and light candles or put some fairy lights up!

6 – Get real – Use real plates, glasses and cutlery. It looks classier and is better for the environment.

7 – Tunes – Music always sets a good mood, so choose a play list and set those tunes for a good volume to still chat easily. It will make the world of difference!

So now you have the easiest tips to get fancy, now all you need to do is organise the dinner! Happy partying!

Published by NattyFaulks

Just a mama who loves to party!

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