7 Ways to upgrade your party to FANCY!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Even though this year has been a bit different, finally things are returning to some kind of normal and we can socialise again in time for Christmas!
So… why not make is FANCY!!!
Here are my 7 tips to add a bit of sparkle and fabulous to the everyday dinner party.

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Lolas Magical Fairy Party

Want to create the perfect Boho Fairy party? Read on!!

Pretty party set ups, and magical moments light up my soul!
I just love the mood that evolves from having a beautiful set up created, whether it is for a special occasion or a simple dinner or picnic. And it doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful…

With 2020 being such a strange year, and many occasions cancelled or postponed, I decided to celebrate Lola’s 2nd birthday with a pretty boho fairy picnic, and really make the most of the time while we can still celebrate with friends ( in case we have to lock down again).

I booked the incredible Sophie from Stylish Picnics, who took care of the entire set up!
All I had to do was serve up the food. Normally it is me doing everything and it can be overwhelming, but when I realised how affordable it was to have Sophie, I knew I just had to have her.

She set up the most incredible little space inside our home and the kids thought it was absolutely magical!
Having Sophie there to set up just took the stress away and she really Brough to life my vision for the party.

The beauty of Stylish Picnics is you can either just hire the props and set it all up yourself, or go the whole hog with Sophie setting it all up for you and packing it up too!
Stylish Picnics DIY packages for 10 people are just $160 and that includes the rugs, blankets, throws, 14 cushions and 2 tables.

Or you can choose to have your set up styled with all of the above, plus flower arrangements, table ware and decor from $395.

The Set Up
Sophie took my inspiration and created magic!
She set up beautiful rugs, low picnic tables, a pretty lace Fairy teepee adorned with fresh flowers. The tables were decorated with vases and flowers and she even took care of the plates, cups, straws and serviettes!
Around the table were pretty cushions for everyone to sit on and it just all was put together so fast! I highly recommend Stylish Picnics!
I absolutely adore balloon garlands as I feel they really add to a set up, so I always get my balloon garlands from Lovely Occasions. It is a kit I purchase online and make it at home. The best part is all the balloons from Lovely Occasions are biodegradable so I know its not bad for the environment ( the garland itself lasted ages which the kids loved having on display in the dining room).
Sophie added one of the garlands to the Fairy teepee and the other to the food table and it looked perfect!

The Cake
Earlier this year I discovered an lovely company called Bake Believe which encourages you to create beautiful cakes by delivering to your door all the ingredients and instructions in a box ( just add eggs, milk and butter) It even comes with decorations and a topper. There are many themes to choose from and you can custom make your style too. The best bit is its all free of artificial colours and flavours and refined sugars!
I chose the Fairy cake with wooden topper and I actually impressed myself! It wasn’t too far off the picture! And the cakes from Bake Believe taste delicious!!!

The Food
One of my favourite party hacks is creating individual lunch boxes for the kids.
Its so fast, easy, saves on waste and encourages the kids to sit down for some quiet time at the party and eat what is in front of them instead of scoffing copious amounts of junk food. ( and just quietly, is a great way to stop all the sticky fingers grabbing from platters of food and spreading germs #germaphobe)

The cardboard lunch boxes ( see below) I purchased from Lovely Occasions online and then added the following food.
( all can be made the night before and just keep the cold elements in the fridge until serving)
* Ham and cheese wraps ( kept in fridge over night)
* Berries salad in cupcake cups ( added them just before serving)
*Juice Box/ popper
* Banana
*Packet of crisps
* Cupcake

You could add whatever you like. The idea of these lunch boxes are so you are not running around preparing food on the day. And the food in the box is average servings so you can stick to your budget and not have lots of wastage. I encourage the kids to all sit down and then I give them each their boxes and it is such a novelty!

For the adults I had a table of two platters that were filled with fruits, cheeses, breads, crackers, dips, nuts and doughnuts.

I also created a cocktail and champagne station for the mamas ( the dads had beer) because us mamas deserve a bit of spoiling right!
I made strawberry flavoured amaretto sours topped with edible rose petals.

The Entertainment
Being a children’s entertainer, I always have something set up to keep them busy for before and after eating. Lola party was a bit more low key so we just did dancing, played with bubbles and on the trampoline, I had a colouring in station and a fairy glitter station.
The Fairy glitter station was all about adorning the little ones faces in Coachella style jewels, glitter hairspray and glitter cheeks. Followed by fairy perfume of course!
This little station is super simple and easy and is always a hit with the little ladies!!

The Favours
This year I asked Lola what she would like to give as a present to her guests and she said bubbles so I simply grabbed a whole heap of bubble wands from Kmart ( they are 50c each!) and put personalised tags on them. Favours do not need to be over the top
( but if you want them to be thats ok too! )

It was so much fun and Lola kept saying wow mummy so pretty! It made Blake and I so happy to see her having so much fun! She is growing up way too fast!

It is exciting throwing a party for my little ones. I always make a big deal even if there is only a few of us celebrating, because the day they were born was the best of my life so they deserve all the celebration.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share or ask questions if you have any!

Mother Day Gift Ideas

With Mothers Day just around the corner, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite brands, to give you ( or your partner) some great gift ideas for yourself, your mum, a grandma, or a new mum.
To be honest, all of these brands make great gifts for all occasions AND they are Australian companies, (many of them smaller family fun businesses), which makes spoiling someone that little bit sweeter knowing your choice has made a positive impact on another family.

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7 Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day Without Booking a Babysitter

When I was single I would cringe at the thought of Valentines Day. All the gushy romantic happenings around me while I just pretended I wasn’t phased ( But really I was devo and hoping for an anonymous bunch of roses, because I am a hopeless romantic who watches too much Disney).

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Our North QLD Christmas Holiday

Beautiful Far North QLD.

It is hot, it is tropical and the vibe is friendly and relaxed. I get a bit of a Fiji type feeling when I travel the coastline up there. Blue water with little to no waves ( but beware of where you swim because there are a few cheeky animals and stingers that could be a danger. Always follow signs)

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Non alcoholic drink ideas for the festive season

This time of year is filled with celebration. Lots of food and drink will be consumed, and fun will be had but you don’t necessarily have to get drunk right!?
I feel like there are mostly very boring options if you are the designated driver, pregnant, breast feeding, or not drinking alcohol for 101 other reasons.

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Why I will be buying less toys this Christmas…

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!
I am a Christmas fanatic. I have many Christmas traditions that roll out every year and I pretty much listen to carols and eat Candy canes as soon as they hit the shops!

It is a time of giving and I absolutely love buying presents for everyone. Especially our kids and all our nieces and nephews.
But this year I have decided that I want to buy less “things” for my own kids.

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Lola Turns One

Everyone says time flies when you have a baby and that they grow up so fast, but I really feel like its faster with your second because life is just so much busier with more than one child!
I am actually in disbelief that little Lola is now one. My little baby is a toddler!!!! ( insert tears).

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