Elsa is having a baby!

elsa 1

No it’s not the story line for Frozen 2 if that’s what your thinking! 

I am super excited to announce / confess to all my costume party bookers that I am having a baby!
This costume character is going to have to hang up the cape and wear normal hair instead of wigs for a while.

Most of you who have recently booked with my business Strawberry Fundaes Childrens Entertainment have been told the news personally and have been very understanding and supportive.

Weird I know that I should say ‘understanding’ but I actually was a bit worried at first to tell you in case you thought I would not be up to scratch with presenting my usual quality party entertainment!
Obviously I have been able to hide the bump until recently, so I have still been performing but now it is time to wrap it up. ( There is only so many cakes Elsa can to pretend to have eaten)
I still have a few parties to go with appropriate ‘bump’ hiding costumes ( thanks to my amazing mum who sews) but very soon I will be completely wrapped up until our little angel is born. Then daddy will take over on some weekends and I will come and hang out again! hahahaha!

But the parties will continue with the amazing group of girls who work with me ( and I am sure you have seen from time to time on my facebook). I am very particular with my Strawberry Fundaes brand and all my girls are highly trained in childrens entertainment and have worked as dancers/ actors/ hosts/ entertainers for years and will continue to roll out fabulous parties for you .

Of course I need to add a confession to this post….
Those times early in the pregnancy when no one knew, there were moments Elsa had to stop on the highway to vomit on her way to a party. Let me tell you passers by were very confused but I always managed to pull myself together ( with the help of ginger beer, water crackers and chewing gum mints) and make every party special.
I am so thankful that I never was actually sick at a party!!!

So there is my latest confession! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Look forward to chatting soon xxxx

Cinderella To The Rescue

So it has been a while since I posted.
But the other week something happened and I just had to get back on the blogging wagon!

So here I am with another confession…

It was your average Thursday morning. Ok that is not true because I am fairly sure most peoples Thursdays don’t  roll like this.

I was dressed as Cinderella since 6.30am – wearing a large very puffy blue dress and a blonde wig.
The occasion was a photo shoot for a new collaboration I was very excited about.
So due to the fact I have a normal weekday job, the shoot was early and I was heading to work, still dressed in costume.
I had planned to change into my work uniform in my car once I arrived to work. (This is something I am extremely good at these days – car changes!)

I was just two sets of lights away from work when I noticed a little old lady walking along the foot path at the busy intersection. This set of lights was opposite a school and in front of a group of shops – so lots of people around at 9.00 am.
Just before the ligths changed green I noticed this dear old lady fall face first into the driveway of a building!
I looked around and no one went to her aid. She didnt seem to be getting up.
My heart began to race. Oh my gosh I have to go help her! Someone has to help her!
But my gosh I am dressed in the biggest ball gown. Will she be afraid? What will passers by think? Will they think I am crazy and trying to hurt her?
All these things rushed through my brain but instinct took over.
I mounted the gutted in my Nissan X-trail and drove straight over to her.
I stepped out of my car ( barefoot) and in a sea of blue chiffon I walked up to her and said without really thinking ‘Dont be alarmed. I am Cinderella and I am here to help you. Can I help you get up?’
This beautiful old lady, dressed in a lovely outfit with her pearls and all, looked up and said
‘That is ok darling princess. I am so embarrassed at how clumsy I am but would be so happy if you could help me. I hurt my wrist.’
So she put her arms around my neck and I lifted her up.
Now where to go from here…
‘Where are you headed? Can I help you get there?’ I asked.
‘To that building in front. I have an appointment with the specialist’ , she replied.

As we started the walk ( with people on the street watching) a car pulled in and a lady called out the window, ‘Do you want me to help too? Umm… Natalie?? Is that you???’
I looked up to see one of the partners from my sensible, corporate everyday job, was in fact the person in the car.
This is a person who has no idea I dress up on weekends and as far as they knew I should be at work already. What are the odds!!! Looks like I will have some later explaining to do!
‘All good! I have it covered’ I yelled out.

So, I left my running car half parked on the road and half in a driveaway and helped the fallen lady to the surgery.

Well you should have seen the look on those peoples faces when I opened that door.
With everyone, including the ladies at the counter and one doctor staring at me I said
‘Hi guys. Can someone please assist me? I saw this lovely lady fall and I have helped her. I believe she is a patient?’
No one said anything at first. Then the doctor said ‘Good grief its a fairy!’
That is when I replied with ‘Actually no, I am Cinder….. oh gosh never mind. Yes I am a fairy and I am here to save people.’
Then the doctor walked over and assisted the lady into  chair. No more words were spoken.
I simply walked away.
They will never know the real reason as for why I was dressed up.
They will live in wonder – why was that crazy chick dressed like that?
And something about that is awesome.
I hope that I -the crazy lady dressed as Cinderella on a Thursday morning, gets to be a part of some strangers dinner discussions at least once.

The Cinderella dress!


Elsa Drives A Holden Ute!

Yesterday I was booked to entertain some gorgeous children for a birthday party at a park.
It was a very public park with lots of people.
The only car park available was right in front of the party –  I was to attend as Elsa ( Frozen queen ) and yes I arrive in full costume.

My Husband borrowed my car which meant I only had his bright red Holden ute to drive to the party.
I am not the best at reverse parallel parks at the best of times… and certainly not in his ute!

So after a million attempts at parking I just put the car in park and looked out to see a huge audience watching my amazing driving skills. ( I was still half out on the road…)
I then got out of the car and everyone cheered!
One child yelled out “OMG mum Elsa drives a ute! And its a Holden!”.

I felt this weird sense of uh oh these people think they have hired a bogan Elsa! I wanted to tell everyone instantly that this is not my car and I am going to be really professional. ( Not that driving a ute means your a bogan but it just looked really weird)

Turns out everyone loved the party and apparently all the adults were super impressed by the red ute.
One dad even filmed it!

Elsa just got cooler.

An Angel Got Her Wings

Yesterday I found out some sad news.

A few months ago I had the absolute honour of granting an urgent wish for the Make A Wish Australia foundation. It was wonderful! I flew to cairns and greeted the most beautiful little girl in a stretch limousine while dressed as her favourite snow queen and we went and played in fake snow. We sang and danced and threw fake snow at each other. We ate cake and all her friends and family joined in.

Her wish was to see snow with her family and meet Elsa. Even though the snow was not real she loved it. She was too sick to travel to the real snow.

It was an amazing day that I will never forget.

Sadly that little angel lost her battle this week.

Wonder Woman Fridays!

Sometimes when Friday rolls around my head is spinning with wrapping up all the things that need to be finalised for the week in my day job ( full time marketing supervisor) and preparing all things party for my entertainment business Strawberry Fundaes.

It is both overwhelming and satisfying at the same time. Perhaps I have ADD because I do struggle to cope when I have a day off. Busy is fun!

Anyway with all this in mind I have decided to label Fridays – Wonder Woman Fridays – because I often wonder how I manage to fit it all in!

On that note – here is me – as Wonder Woman – aged 4. #flashback
Have a great weekend!

Me as Wonder Woman aged 4
Me as Wonder Woman aged 4

But Why?

Often people say “Why do you commit to working parties on your days off?” , “Why say yes to so many parties?”, “After working all week in your other job how do you have the energy for kids parties?”

My answer is simple… Because I love it!!!!  When I arrive to a party there is so much excitement. The kids thrive on my energy and we all have fun playing games and singing or dancing. And they say the funniest things!

Actually I must confess that sometimes I actually feel like a minor celebrity! Haha!

Kids have amazing imaginations and it makes life so interesting!

Every job I do I have passion for. And I feel like I am pretty lucky to be invited into all these peoples lives through parties, corporate events and charities even if it is as

a character most of the time.

This photo below sums up the anticipation I am met with most weekends and to me that is pretty damn special! ( Oh and I feel famous. hahahahahaha! #confession)


Neighbourhood Watch…

So we have all had a strange neighbour at some stage in our lives. Right?

Well in my street that strange neighbour is me…

At various stages my neighbours have seen me arrive home at 10pm dressed as a Nurse ( It was totally professional! I was a funny nurse at the opening of the new hospital!)

They have seen me dressed as a clown, pirate, fairy, cowgirl, Alice in Wonderland, Katy Perry, an indian squaw, and lately a Frozen princess.

I only have one neighbour that I chat to who actually knows what I do, so to the others… well… I will just keep it interesting for them.

The house across the street does the sneaky look through the curtains. One day I even heard the lady say ‘Look shes dressed up again!’

I do hope that they think to themselves ‘ She must be a kids party host’ and not ‘OMG that chick is crazy weird’.
Actually if they do think the latter that is ok. It would make for some great stories with their friends! Hahahaha!

Which brings me to a moment a few weeks ago.
The house next door was for sale and people were coming to check it out.
I happened to be home prepping my wigs in my spare room for that weekends jobs.

I was brushing and styling a tinkerbell wig, a Katy Perry wig, a Frozen wig and a pink fairy wig.
To me this is just a normal part of life. Line them up and brush and style!
To the guy who saw me through the window of the house he wanted to potentially buy… not so normal.

The moral of this story I think should be – Get to know your neighbours – they could be super fun (just like me) and you could possibly have costumes to borrow for your next dress up party. Or they could just be the crazy wig lady!




Gypsy Life…

Ok so last night I was a Gypsy.

True Story!
For the past six years I have occasionally been hired for corporate functions to dress up as a comedic looking crazy gypsy and tell funny light hearted fortunes. (Yep. People pay for this stuff!)
The fortunes usually relate to the persons work place and have something to do with having a hangover from all the alcohol they consume at these corporate events.
In no way do I tell real fortunes or give the impression that I do. I make it very obvious that I am fake. See… I look like this… Obviously silly!
But last night I was a little worried because 4 months ago when I was hired for a similar job the company insisted they thought I was to tell real fortunes…

All my info sent out via my agent clearly states FAKE FORTUNE TELLER. ACTRESS.

So after a lot of discussion at the time ( 1 hour before guests arrived) , this client insisted “do not tell funny or fake fortunes. Be serious and be as real as possible”.
My response naturally was ” I cant read palms or fortunes so what am I to do for 2 hours??”
She replied with “You are an actress… Wing it!”
So in my true professional style I did!

It was the most exhausting 2 hours of my life.
I read the palms of more than 40 very successful bussiness men and women from a company I cannot mention.
“OOOH yes! I see you are a hard worker”, “Oh yes very focused”, “Try to make time for those closest to you. work life balance, treat yourself!”

They all loved it.
While I was not telling real fortunes I think they all found comfort in my positive life advice.
My energy was zapped!

So this is the reason I was worried for last nights job!

Thankfully it all went well and I remained the crazy, funny fortune teller of all things silly and light hearted!




It was destiny……

It seems like it was a natural progression to be paid to dress up.
I mean that in a fun PG kinda way.

Here I am to share stories of a hilarious and unusual world of dress ups. To share stories of career juggling and the urge to never grow up.
To inspire you to be who you want (even if it’s Batman) and to give tips on how to throw really fun kids parties!

So lets start from the beginning…

As a child I absolutely loved to wear costumes, as many kids do. But I wasn’t quite the average kid.

If I had to pin point the moment, a dress up  ‘stand out’ memory, it would have to be when I became Sleeping Beauty.
It was school Book Week and my ever so talented mother handmade me the most beautiful Sleeping Beauty Costume created from recycled fabrics from the local Op Shop.
It felt soooo special!
The entire day at school I was this character and it felt great! I never wanted to take it off! But I had to… so I needed to create a reason to wear it again.
And I did. In a very entrepreneurial way… for a 6 year old!


As I mentioned I just had to be Sleeping Beauty again at some stage.
It was the school holidays and our neighbours gorgeous girls would come over each day to hang out.
Our house had a granny flat and mum had old clothes and costumes stored there.
I had a great idea – We wanted to buy bubblegum from the local newsagent at Kingscliff (my home town) but had no money… so I decided we would get dressed up to make some coin!
I painted a sign and delegated costumes to each of my friends. We then set up a stall on the side of the road with the sign that said ‘Photos 50 cents’.
Yep I was 6!!! And we sat out the front and got photos with our sympathetic neighbours and my grandparents who stopped to visit and made $2.20!! (Yep, that’s right! Someone got a 20 cent bargain!)
And that is when it all began…It was destiny… I was not to live an ordinary life…


image003image002 batman