But Why?

Often people say “Why do you commit to working parties on your days off?” , “Why say yes to so many parties?”, “After working all week in your other job how do you have the energy for kids parties?”

My answer is simple… Because I love it!!!!  When I arrive to a party there is so much excitement. The kids thrive on my energy and we all have fun playing games and singing or dancing. And they say the funniest things!

Actually I must confess that sometimes I actually feel like a minor celebrity! Haha!

Kids have amazing imaginations and it makes life so interesting!

Every job I do I have passion for. And I feel like I am pretty lucky to be invited into all these peoples lives through parties, corporate events and charities even if it is as

a character most of the time.

This photo below sums up the anticipation I am met with most weekends and to me that is pretty damn special! ( Oh and I feel famous. hahahahahaha! #confession)


Neighbourhood Watch…

So we have all had a strange neighbour at some stage in our lives. Right?

Well in my street that strange neighbour is me…

At various stages my neighbours have seen me arrive home at 10pm dressed as a Nurse ( It was totally professional! I was a funny nurse at the opening of the new hospital!)

They have seen me dressed as a clown, pirate, fairy, cowgirl, Alice in Wonderland, Katy Perry, an indian squaw, and lately a Frozen princess.

I only have one neighbour that I chat to who actually knows what I do, so to the others… well… I will just keep it interesting for them.

The house across the street does the sneaky look through the curtains. One day I even heard the lady say ‘Look shes dressed up again!’

I do hope that they think to themselves ‘ She must be a kids party host’ and not ‘OMG that chick is crazy weird’.
Actually if they do think the latter that is ok. It would make for some great stories with their friends! Hahahaha!

Which brings me to a moment a few weeks ago.
The house next door was for sale and people were coming to check it out.
I happened to be home prepping my wigs in my spare room for that weekends jobs.

I was brushing and styling a tinkerbell wig, a Katy Perry wig, a Frozen wig and a pink fairy wig.
To me this is just a normal part of life. Line them up and brush and style!
To the guy who saw me through the window of the house he wanted to potentially buy… not so normal.

The moral of this story I think should be – Get to know your neighbours – they could be super fun (just like me) and you could possibly have costumes to borrow for your next dress up party. Or they could just be the crazy wig lady!




Gypsy Life…

Ok so last night I was a Gypsy.

True Story!
For the past six years I have occasionally been hired for corporate functions to dress up as a comedic looking crazy gypsy and tell funny light hearted fortunes. (Yep. People pay for this stuff!)
The fortunes usually relate to the persons work place and have something to do with having a hangover from all the alcohol they consume at these corporate events.
In no way do I tell real fortunes or give the impression that I do. I make it very obvious that I am fake. See… I look like this… Obviously silly!
But last night I was a little worried because 4 months ago when I was hired for a similar job the company insisted they thought I was to tell real fortunes…

All my info sent out via my agent clearly states FAKE FORTUNE TELLER. ACTRESS.

So after a lot of discussion at the time ( 1 hour before guests arrived) , this client insisted “do not tell funny or fake fortunes. Be serious and be as real as possible”.
My response naturally was ” I cant read palms or fortunes so what am I to do for 2 hours??”
She replied with “You are an actress… Wing it!”
So in my true professional style I did!

It was the most exhausting 2 hours of my life.
I read the palms of more than 40 very successful bussiness men and women from a company I cannot mention.
“OOOH yes! I see you are a hard worker”, “Oh yes very focused”, “Try to make time for those closest to you. work life balance, treat yourself!”

They all loved it.
While I was not telling real fortunes I think they all found comfort in my positive life advice.
My energy was zapped!

So this is the reason I was worried for last nights job!

Thankfully it all went well and I remained the crazy, funny fortune teller of all things silly and light hearted!




It was destiny……

It seems like it was a natural progression to be paid to dress up.
I mean that in a fun PG kinda way.

Here I am to share stories of a hilarious and unusual world of dress ups. To share stories of career juggling and the urge to never grow up.
To inspire you to be who you want (even if it’s Batman) and to give tips on how to throw really fun kids parties!

So lets start from the beginning…

As a child I absolutely loved to wear costumes, as many kids do. But I wasn’t quite the average kid.

If I had to pin point the moment, a dress up  ‘stand out’ memory, it would have to be when I became Sleeping Beauty.
It was school Book Week and my ever so talented mother handmade me the most beautiful Sleeping Beauty Costume created from recycled fabrics from the local Op Shop.
It felt soooo special!
The entire day at school I was this character and it felt great! I never wanted to take it off! But I had to… so I needed to create a reason to wear it again.
And I did. In a very entrepreneurial way… for a 6 year old!


As I mentioned I just had to be Sleeping Beauty again at some stage.
It was the school holidays and our neighbours gorgeous girls would come over each day to hang out.
Our house had a granny flat and mum had old clothes and costumes stored there.
I had a great idea – We wanted to buy bubblegum from the local newsagent at Kingscliff (my home town) but had no money… so I decided we would get dressed up to make some coin!
I painted a sign and delegated costumes to each of my friends. We then set up a stall on the side of the road with the sign that said ‘Photos 50 cents’.
Yep I was 6!!! And we sat out the front and got photos with our sympathetic neighbours and my grandparents who stopped to visit and made $2.20!! (Yep, that’s right! Someone got a 20 cent bargain!)
And that is when it all began…It was destiny… I was not to live an ordinary life…


image003image002 batman