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Fun, with a side of happy!

Welcome to my new site!
Previously known as the blog Confessions Of A Costume Character.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever”

Hi, I’m Nat!…

I love to dress up…
I dress up as a princess at kids parties on weekends, a marketing manager during the day oh and I wear a mum hat the whole time while doing both!
Welcome to my little space where I share my love for all things party, parenthood and fun adventures!
My favourite pastime is laughing and I usually put a fun, positive twist on any serious situation.
So thanks for dropping by! I hope you get something fun from being here, feel inspired or smile…

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I have a passion for writing and creating content. I love to support businesses I believe in, so that others can benefit positively or be inspired. Find out more about brands I have worked with here…

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