It was destiny……

It seems like it was a natural progression to be paid to dress up.
I mean that in a fun PG kinda way.

Here I am to share stories of a hilarious and unusual world of dress ups. To share stories of career juggling and the urge to never grow up.
To inspire you to be who you want (even if it’s Batman) and to give tips on how to throw really fun kids parties!

So lets start from the beginning…

As a child I absolutely loved to wear costumes, as many kids do. But I wasn’t quite the average kid.

If I had to pin point the moment, a dress up  ‘stand out’ memory, it would have to be when I became Sleeping Beauty.
It was school Book Week and my ever so talented mother handmade me the most beautiful Sleeping Beauty Costume created from recycled fabrics from the local Op Shop.
It felt soooo special!
The entire day at school I was this character and it felt great! I never wanted to take it off! But I had to… so I needed to create a reason to wear it again.
And I did. In a very entrepreneurial way… for a 6 year old!


As I mentioned I just had to be Sleeping Beauty again at some stage.
It was the school holidays and our neighbours gorgeous girls would come over each day to hang out.
Our house had a granny flat and mum had old clothes and costumes stored there.
I had a great idea – We wanted to buy bubblegum from the local newsagent at Kingscliff (my home town) but had no money… so I decided we would get dressed up to make some coin!
I painted a sign and delegated costumes to each of my friends. We then set up a stall on the side of the road with the sign that said ‘Photos 50 cents’.
Yep I was 6!!! And we sat out the front and got photos with our sympathetic neighbours and my grandparents who stopped to visit and made $2.20!! (Yep, that’s right! Someone got a 20 cent bargain!)
And that is when it all began…It was destiny… I was not to live an ordinary life…


image003image002 batman



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