Gypsy Life…

Ok so last night I was a Gypsy.

True Story!
For the past six years I have occasionally been hired for corporate functions to dress up as a comedic looking crazy gypsy and tell funny light hearted fortunes. (Yep. People pay for this stuff!)
The fortunes usually relate to the persons work place and have something to do with having a hangover from all the alcohol they consume at these corporate events.
In no way do I tell real fortunes or give the impression that I do. I make it very obvious that I am fake. See… I look like this… Obviously silly!
But last night I was a little worried because 4 months ago when I was hired for a similar job the company insisted they thought I was to tell real fortunes…

All my info sent out via my agent clearly states FAKE FORTUNE TELLER. ACTRESS.

So after a lot of discussion at the time ( 1 hour before guests arrived) , this client insisted “do not tell funny or fake fortunes. Be serious and be as real as possible”.
My response naturally was ” I cant read palms or fortunes so what am I to do for 2 hours??”
She replied with “You are an actress… Wing it!”
So in my true professional style I did!

It was the most exhausting 2 hours of my life.
I read the palms of more than 40 very successful bussiness men and women from a company I cannot mention.
“OOOH yes! I see you are a hard worker”, “Oh yes very focused”, “Try to make time for those closest to you. work life balance, treat yourself!”

They all loved it.
While I was not telling real fortunes I think they all found comfort in my positive life advice.
My energy was zapped!

So this is the reason I was worried for last nights job!

Thankfully it all went well and I remained the crazy, funny fortune teller of all things silly and light hearted!




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