How I threw a birthday party under $200

To some people $200 is still a bit much to spend on a party.
To others $200 is just loose change…
Kids parties come in all different shapes and sizes, so I thought I would share with you what I put together for Judes 3rd birthday and how I kept to my budget.

Amazing parties don’t come cheap.
I am talking the Pinterest, aesthetically beautiful parties. The ones with the neon signs, the balloon arbours, the array of entertainment, photo booths, the 4 tiered cake etc ( the list could really go on).
They are absolutely drool worthy!! Heck I want to throw myself one every second weekend! But sometimes that kind of party is just not do – able.
Whether it be budgets, time frames, or the fact you have family rules restricting parties to milestone birthdays only, every family is different ( or like me, who just had a baby and just really wanted to take things easy this year).
According to experts in the biz Party With Lenzo, the average minimum cost for a party is $300.
In a recent study in the UK, it seems the average min spend for British parents is $450.
So I thought with a budget of $200 I was doing alright!

When I asked Jude what he wanted to do for his birthday this year he said –
‘Mum I want a Spiderman cake, and a picnic with Archie, Isaac and Jabez ( cousin and 2 friends).
The party entertainer in me was like – ‘WHAT!!!! That is NOT a party!!!!!’
but of course, he is 3, so I didn’t say that…
Selfishly though, I would love to have a theme that is not a super hero, because seriously, that stuff can be so tacky! ( last year I threw a non tacky Batman themed party for him. I should really share that one day!) But kids love the bright super hero themes so I relaxed this year and this is how it rolled. ( Sorry I forgot to get some photos of the decorations details but I am sure your imagination can paint the picture)

Little guests Р 5
Adults – 7

For the kids…
I made a fruit platter for when they arrived and then they had my favourite lunch packs ( see pics below)
Fruit I purchased – 2 apples, 2 oranges, 1 punnet blueberries, 1 punnet strawberries, grapes.
Lunch packs contained –
Cheese stick
Vegemite sandwich star
Popcorn cup
3 chicken nuggets
I got all my fruit from the fruit shop and all the rest from Aldi.
Total cost for the kids food was – $15.25 ( $3.05 per head)

For the adults…
I served a small cheese platter which cost $17 to create.
Followed by burgers. I love to use the brioche buns from Aldi and the Angus beef patties. I just divide each patty into two as they are super thick.
Then I add, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo. Delish!!
They came in at $19.80 total.
So total cost of food per head for the adults was around $5.25

I used my drink dispensers and filled them with ice and added water to one, and apple juice to the other.
The juice was – $1.75

These were all purchased from Choice discount store, except for the Spiderman balloons which were from eBay.
Plastic cups for popcorn and drinking – $2
Red and white lunch packs – $2 pack of 8
Red balloons with Spiderman – $4 with plastic sticks $2 ( I used these as decorations on a stick and then handed out to the kids as favours at the end)
Mixed balloons on the floor – $2.50 bag
Backdrop behind Cake – $1.20
Serviettes $1
Paper straws – $2
Paper plates $1
White table cloths – Already owned
Picnic rug – Already owned

Bags – $2
Plastic dinosaurs from kmart- $3 ( Judes favourite things and they come in a tube of about 20)
Bubbles – $2
Take home balloons ( mentioned previously and below on the stick)

This was my biggest expense as it was something I wanted to outsource.
Cakes stress me out and Jude specifically wanted a Spiderman themed cake whenever I asked him. I knew I would fail at making that. He also said that he wanted cake as a present. So I guess it was kind of a present too ( shut up, I’m not a tight ass. He got some actual presents too).
The amazing cake was made by Deni Bakes on the Gold Coast and came in at $120.
It was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend her! ( You should check out her Facebook- Here

The kids played in the backyard and we had some running races.
I obviously have access to some fun party entertainment ( being a party entertainer and all) so we played a few games, danced and used the colourful parachute.
I also made my husband dress up as Spiderman and surprise the kids which was super fun! But I know not everyone can do that, and if you did, you would need to add the costs of the costume to your budget.

Total party cost $199.25

At the end of the day it was lots of fun and Jude still keeps talking about it.
We had minimal food left over and still have lots of balloons left over to use for other fun things.

The main thing to remember when you plan your party is – What is my budget? and how can I plan ahead to ensure I don’t blow that budget. (Planning ahead is always a good idea no matter what your budget!)
It really is easy to get out of control, so be mindful.
Kids really just want to play and have fun. They want to laugh and blow out candles. The 3 layered, fairy bread truffle, can often go un – noticed.

Anyway I hope this has been helpful to those wanting to throw a small easy party but didn’t really know where to start.
Good luck with your next party and I hope you and your loved ones get to enjoy it, no matter what the budget!

xoxox Nat




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