6 ways to save on your next kids party!

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6 Ways to save on your next kids party (and for it to still be fabulous!)

Kids parties are so much fun! But sometimes we can get carried away with what we think it needs to be and then we blow out the budget.
That is where I can help to keep you on track!
Here are my top 6 tips to cut costs on some of the wallet draining items, but still have an awesome party!

  • Invitations
    Create your own or go digital!
    You can make your own invitations, at home on various online platforms and then you can either print at home or save as a jpeg or PDF and email out. My go to sites for this are Canva or Greetings Island. They look great too!
    I made this one for my baby shower on Canva ( I just edited out some details but you get the idea!)
  • Decorations –
    Firstly… Less is more! The most simple of decorations can look fab. Eg – a whole wall of single balloons stuck down makes a great backdrop and only costs around $5 tops! Also, I highly recommend choosing a colour theme to decorate with instead of using licensed product. Eg – Instead of using Frozen branded cups, plates and balloons, just stick to generic blues and whites and silver. You will save a stack of $$$ right there but it will still look really effective!
    (Easy balloon backdrop)
  • Party at the park or at home
    Venues can cost a bomb, so unless you really want to factor them into the budget, go for the free options – the park or at home. Just remember that wherever you choose to hold your party to always have a wet weather plan.
    (Parties at home rock)
    Party at home
  • Free online party printables
    I have used this option many times. Simply google ‘free online party printables’ and there are heaps of options. You can download and print at home birthday signage, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, name tags, favour bag tags and more!
    Here are some I have used from Pinterest Fairy-Printables2
  • Ditch the party bag
    To be honest, I am not a fan of party bags. Lots of parents are not that keen on lollies these days (And it can get sketchy with allergies etc.) and I also find lots of party bag fillers really are just rubbish or choking hazards. And the average bag costs a min $5 filled. So my alternatives are – Bubble wands with a thank you tag or sticker (Wands are 75c at Kmart), Balloons on a stick (These can double as decorations at first and then the kids take home), keep cups (Buy $1 glass jars with straws and the kids take those home) Lucky dip gift wrapped in blue or pink tissue paper ( wrap random boys and girls stuff like rubber snakes, matchbox cars , lipgloss, bathbombs. These are all individually cheaper than a lolly bag.) Take home cupcakes.
  • Cake Hack! (Or make your own)
    I am terrible at making cakes so if I can’t afford to outsource one, I buy two mud cakes from Coles or Woolworths (Around $4 each) stack them on top of each other and then cover them both with butter cream (You can even just buy a tub of Betty Crocker Icing if you really are time poor!). Set in the fridge and then decorate with themed figurines or flowers! Super easy!
    Check out this awesome cake hack inspo

So there you have it! My top tips to save money on your next kids party, but to still be amazing.
Happy partying!!

Xx Nat

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